Jeremy Ryan Slate’s podcast Create Your Own Life has been blowing up the charts in iTunes since its inception in 2015 with over 200,000 downloads in a total of 179 countries. From artists to sports figures to entrepreneurs, Jeremy interviews people who have overcome the odds to achieve their dreams, with the intent that their stories will not only inspire listeners to “go for it!” — but will also give them some actual tips and advice from those who have made it happen. 

From Jeremy: 

“In this interview I get to dive into it with the incredible Reggie Pittman. We talk musical inspiration, the creation process and even what you need to know to fund the dream. 

“A professional musician with over 30 years experience in the music business, Reggie has been living, performing and recording in the New York Area for over 20 years. In addition to performing and recording with several well-known artists and bands Reggie has his own bands that specialize in jazz, R&B, and gospel music. His jazz band, The Reggie Pittman / Loren Daniels Quartet, performs original compositions by Reggie and partner Loren Daniels, and their 2010 release, Point A to Point A, received much acclaim in the jazz press.

“Reggie is a talented composer and arranger; his original music appears on Point A to Point A, and on his upcoming Pittman / Daniels Quartet release Smilessence.  Also an accomplished Producer, of note is his recording Poet I Am, a collaboration with poet / lyricist /performer Lottie Porch in which Reggie composed the music and produced the CD.”

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