Living the Dream…Being a Working Pro Musician

Jeremy Ryan Slate's podcast Create Your Own Life has been blowing up the charts in iTunes since its inception in 2015 with over 200,000 downloads in a total of 179 countries. From artists to sports figures to entrepreneurs, Jeremy interviews people who have overcome...

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Holistic Prostate Health

CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO "National Prostate Health Month" helps bring awareness to men's health! For those that know someone with a prostate (or were born with one), there are alternative methods for ultimate prostate health. In this video, nutrition, exercise, peace...

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Harry Herforth Scholarship Performance Fundraiser

CLEVELAND, OH The artists in the northeast region of the United States will honor Mr. Harry Herforth. He was the trumpet player with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Tops Swingband, Kent State professor, and Music Settlement professor.  The event will be on...

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Edward Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund Established

Edward Thompson was a musician and one of Teaneck’s finest performing arts educators. He provided many years of music education to elementary, middle and high school students in Teaneck Public Schools. Over the course of many years, he devoted his time, passion and...

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